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Online Proofreading Vacancies

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We are an English language support service for senior academics in all academic and scientific areas, including engineering, mathematics, medicine, economics, law, management, the physical and biological sciences, the social sciences and the humanities. We offer online proofreading vacancies to candidates with knowledge and experience in one or more of these fields of study.

Vacancy Description

Remote – Part-Time or Full-Time Position

We currently have online proofreading vacancies for experienced candidates who are able to proofread scholarly articles submitted to academic and scientific journals.

Online proofreading vacancies offer convenience – convenience for authors who can easily search far and wide for a proofreader who perfectly meets their requirements, and convenience for proofreaders who are able to work at long distances on texts of the kinds they are most interested in proofreading. Some of the texts encountered when pursuing online proofreading vacancies  may be texts that will ultimately appear online – web pages and blog posts are good examples – but many will be intended for other uses, though their authors choose to negotiate the proofreading they require via email or online connections. Convenience is only served, however, if excellence is also maintained while performing online proofreading vacancies.


The rates of pay start at £6 ($8.50 USD) per 1,000 words, and a FREE proofreading training course is provided.

All transactions between PRS and proofreaders are carried out electronically via email: PRS sends the proofreader an article (usually in Microsoft Word) via email, and the proofreader returns the proofread version in the same manner within a set amount of time.


Since online proofreading vacancies are often arranged and completed without the authors and proofreaders involved ever actually meeting in person, it is absolutely vital that both the author and the proofreader understand what is needed, what the proofreader will do when working on a document and what the author will receive once an online proofreading vacancy is finished. Obviously, an author engaging the services of a proofreader must indicate what he or she wants and supply any guidelines or special formatting patterns that should be observed during proofreading, but it is also imperative that the proofreader who wishes to be considered a professional makes his or her procedures clear to potential clients when arranging online proofreading vacancies. Will you, for instance, be explaining your corrections in marginal comments or in a letter to accompany the proofread document when you return it? Will you provide a clean copy of the proofread document as well as a copy in which the changes you have made are tracked so the author can see them in detail? Explaining your policies when you first negotiate online proofreading vacancies will save you time and help prevent problems that might otherwise arise during the proofreading process.

Two policies can be particularly helpful to keep in mind when you are embarking upon online proofreading vacancies. The first is to change as little as possible in any document you are proofreading. Errors must of course be corrected and inconsistencies should usually be repaired, but if there is any doubt whether something that seems inconsistent really is a problem or may in fact be intentional, it is better simply to bring the inconsistency to the author’s attention via a marginal comment or accompanying letter. If the problem turns out to be so significant that you feel you cannot proceed without an explanation, you can always contact the author to inquire into his or her intentions and preferences before completing the online proofreading vacancy.

The second policy worth implementing is to read carefully through every document one last time after proofreading and correcting it – to proofread, as it were, your own proofreading. This will allow you to catch anything you may have missed as well as any errors you may have inadvertently introduced. Both should be corrected and special attention should be paid to the latter, remembering that the only thing worse than not noticing errors when performing online proofreading vacancies is adding new errors to a client’s text.

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Perks of the Vacancy


You can choose your workload: one week you can work only 10 hours and another week you can work 25 hours.

Weekly Remuneration

Every online proofreader receives prompt weekly payments for the work completed in that period.

Working from Home

Our online proofreaders enjoy working from home, because it fits perfectly around family life.

FREE Proofreading Course

Every candidate will be offered a FREE proofreading course for academic papers while receiving full pay.

Stay Connected

Our online proofreaders can stay connected to their academic field and read the newest research.

Environmental Impact

An internet connection, a laptop and working from home leave our online proofreaders with a low carbon footprint.


Interested? Talk to a Recruiter

If you are interested in part-time or full-time online proofreading vacancies, please send us your CV or résumé, stating how many hours you could allocate to the proofreading vacancy per week.

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