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Freelance Proofreading Vacancies

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We are an English language support service for senior academics in all academic and scientific areas, including engineering, mathematics, medicine, economics, law, management, the physical and biological sciences, the social sciences and the humanities. We offer freelance proofreading vacancies to candidates with knowledge and experience in one or more of these fields of study.

Vacancy Description

Remote – Part-Time or Full-Time Position

We currently have freelance proofreading vacancies for experienced candidates who are able to proofread scholarly articles submitted to academic and scientific journals.

Are you thinking about taking on freelance proofreading vacancies? There are certainly good reasons to do so. With more authors than ever self-publishing their writing and record numbers of academics and scientists competing for space on the pages of scholarly journals and books, freelance proofreading vacancies have never been so numerous or so necessary. If you are considering this income option, however, there are a number of professional requirements that you should anticipate.


The rates of pay start at £6 ($8.50 USD) per 1,000 words, and a FREE proofreading training course is provided.

All transactions between PRS and proofreaders are carried out electronically via email: PRS sends the proofreader an article (usually in Microsoft Word) via email, and the proofreader returns the proofread version in the same manner within a set amount of time.


For one, you will need to possess extremely strong language skills, a keen eye for detail and a propensity to aim for perfection in your work. Depending on the type of documents you hope to proofread, specialised knowledge may also prove invaluable: if, for instance, you plan to proofread articles in the medical sciences, some training and experience in that field, its customary modes of expression and its conventional methods of documentation will be needed if you are to complete your freelance proofreading vacancies to the highest standard. For proofreading writing of any kind effectively, a respectful and sensitive attitude toward the author and his or her text is always essential.

Secondly, you will need a space in which to work undisturbed, and this space must be equipped with everything you require to complete the kind of freelance proofreading vacancies you intend to pursue. Most proofreading work today tends to be done on screen in digital files, so a computer with a popular word processor such as Microsoft Word will be necessary, and you will also need to master the many functions of that software, with the ability to reformat documents and track the changes you make in them being particularly useful. Dictionaries, whether online or in print, are always helpful, and if you are taking on freelance proofreader vacancies of an academic or scientific nature, you will almost certainly need to understand and help your clients effectively use specialised terminology of various kinds. A reliable internet connection will provide access to a wide range of information, allowing you to check scholarly citations and references as well as unfamiliar terms. It will also enable efficient communication and the exchange of documents between you and the clients for whom you perform freelance proofreader vacancies.

Thinking of yourself as both the ambassador of writers and the advocate of readers whenever you take on freelance proofreading vacancies can be most helpful because you will certainly be acting as a mediator between authors and their audience, ensuring that the information offered by each author is communicated in clear and effective ways to the readers he or she anticipates. Painstaking care while changing aspects of documents and again while checking and polishing your own proofreading will render your efforts worthy of these lofty titles. If you are arranging your freelance proofreading vacancies yourself, you will also need to act as your own ambassador, honestly advertising your skills to prospective clients, clearly explaining exactly what you can do to improve their writing and successfully meeting all deadlines. However, you may want to consider working through a proofreading company or agency so that you can leave such business arrangements to others and spend more time actually working on your freelance proofreader vacancies.

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Perks of the Vacancy


You can choose your workload: one week you can work only 10 hours and another week you can work 25 hours.

Weekly Remuneration

Every freelance proofreader receives prompt weekly payments for the work completed in that period.

Working from Home

Our freelance proofreaders enjoy working from home, because it fits perfectly around family life.

FREE Proofreading Course

Every candidate will be offered a FREE proofreading course for academic papers while receiving full pay.

Stay Connected

Our freelance proofreaders can stay connected to their academic field and read the newest research.

Environmental Impact

An internet connection, a laptop and working from home leave our freelance proofreaders with a low carbon footprint.


Interested? Talk to a Recruiter

If you are interested in part-time or full-time freelance proofreading vacancies, please send us your CV or résumé, stating how many hours you could allocate to the proofreading vacancy per week.

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